Machinery Used In Milling Process By Indian Rice Exporters

Machinery Used In Milling Process

Milling process is a significant step after the cultivation of rice or any crop. The aim of machinery used in the milling process is to achieve a fine quality grain by removing the bran and husks. Therefore, it became an edible item efficiently. Basmati rice exporters of India are the key factor to increase the … Read more

Export Policy Of Basmati Rice From India

Export Policy Of Basmati Rice

India is the leading basmati rice exporter country, specializing in Indian basmati and non-basmati. During the year 2015-16, there has been a record of the export of Basmati rice and non-basmati rice about 104.05 Lakh MT worldwide. Rice is an essential item in everyone’s dining table. To reach out everywhere, Indian basmati rice exporters are … Read more

How Climate Affects The Rice Farming?

How Climate Affects The Rice Farming

Rice farming is a major contributor to global trade and in rice consumption worldwide, it is the staple food of about each kitchen. But, there are various conditions in which climate affects rice farming to an extent. Global climate changes affect food crop production. In some areas, sometimes positive effects on rice production and sometimes … Read more

How Basmati Rice Is Different From Non Basmati Rice

How Basmati Rice Is Different From Non Basmati Rice

There are a huge number of varieties of rice in the world – more than a hundred. For that, there are various basmati rice exporters in India. These varieties remained popular in the world, hereby we are discussing how basmati rice is different from non-basmati rice.  Rice is popular among different peoples; national dishes are … Read more

Historical Facts Of Indian Basmati Rice & Its Influence On Human Body

Historical Facts Of Indian Basmati Rice

Indian Basmati rice is delicate long grain rice. It is a type of rice of the Oryza sativa variety. The very word basmati – means “fragrant”. In its homeland i.e., northern India, this rice has a name – the grain of the gods and forms the basis of the diet of the country’s population. Historically, … Read more

How Rice is Processed And Stored By Basmati Rice Millers

How Rice is Processed and Stored

Processing is an essential part of the production of rice, so how rice is processed and stored by basmati rice millers. The fundamental target of a rice processing framework is to eliminate the husk and the grain layers and produce a bowl of delicious rice to serve that is adequately processed and free from chemicals.  … Read more

Region Famous For Basmati Rice in India

Region Famous For Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is famous worldwide, but which region famous for basmati rice. There are numerous varieties of rice present. Every rice variety has unique features and needs climatic conditions.  Among all the rice varieties, basmati rice is the prominent choice of food lovers.  Several benefits are approaching the customer to consume basmati rice. The grains have the … Read more

Pesticide Free Rice: Serving The Purity

Pesticide Free Rice

Rice is the primary choice of every individual. There are various recipe which is famous in the regions are made up of rice. Pesticide-free rice is rich in nutrients as it is free from Tricyclazole Fungicide.  The pesticide-free rice is good for consumption as the rice is premium in quality. In addition, it is healthier … Read more

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