White Basmati Rice Is Good Or Bad Choice

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Many people have an outlook for white basmati rice as a bad choice or unhealthy grain. They remain confused whether white basmati rice is a good or bad choice to eat.

The fact that cannot be denied is, the grain is highly processed that causes lackness of some nutrients. In comparison, brown basmati rice is more preferable. 

However, there are some occasions when white basmati rice appears as a better option than brown. This article aims to clear the doubts about whether white basmati rice is a good or bad choice.

In Terms Of Nutrients And Fiber:

Both the brown and white rice share a similar origin and same background. 

Brown rice is the variety that is known as the whole grain rice. It is enriched with fiber bran, nutritious germ and endosperm full of carbohydrates. In terms of taste and aroma, it has a nutty flavor and soft essence.

On the other hand, white basmati rice goes through with the milling process. During which, the grain may lose many of its nutrients. The bran layers and germ are often removed and remain the endosperm in order to enhance the taste, aroma and other cooking properties.

Although, in many countries white rice contains nutrients like vitamin B, folic acid, and thiamine. It is typically considered as the enriched grain with nutrients.

White rice is considerably full of carbohydrates that are daily needs of the human body.

Comparison In Nutritions:

Both grains are highly rich in nutrients. But the nutrition and nutritional values are different, below are the specifications of 100 grams bowl:-

S.noNutrient nameValues of White basmati riceValues of Brown Basmati rice
1Calories205 kcl218 kcl
2Protein4.3 grams4.6 grams
3Carbs45 grams 46 grams
4Fat0.4 grams0.9 grams
5Fiber0.9 grams1.8 grams
6Iron1.9 mg0.8 mg
7Vitamin B60.4 mg0.3 mg
8Magnesium72 mg83.9 mg
9Zinc2 percent of RDI4 percent of RDI
10Thiamine0.26 mg0.2 mg

Above are the specifications of some nutrients which accounts in a single cooked bowl that is 100 grams. The table indicates various nutrients in white basmati rice are of higher values than Brown rice. 

One noticeable fact, White and Brown rice are gluten free, that makes them a good choice or good carb for those who are suffering with celiac disease.

Glycemic Index Score:

Glycemic Index is a tool that measures the time duration of carbs turning into sugar in a human body. This is mainly focused on maintaining blood sugar level. 

The score is divided into three categories:-

  1. High range represents 70-100
  2. Medium range represents 56-69
  3. Low range index represents 55 or less than that.

Foods that account for a low range in glycemic index consider better choices. It is helpful in controlling the blood sugar level, mainly suggestable for diabetics patients.

Grains that contain high range, cause stipulation in blood sugar level. However, eating rice in a balanced diet is compulsory.

Effects On Weight:

Indian basmati rice, white rice is classified as refined grain because of the milling process. Due to which, the bran layers and germ layers are removed. Research says, refined grains cause obesity and gaining weight but theories are inconsistent when it comes to rice.

Some studies found no relation between refined grains and gaining weight. In addition, there are many proven facts that say white basmati rice helps in reducing weight and keeps us healthy.

However, brown basmati rice wins the race many times. It is a more favorable grain, as it is enriched in more nutrients, high in carbs and fibers etc things.

The properties of grain are gluten free and no cholesterol. And, a good source of energy along with other minerals to complete the daily requirement of the body.

White Basmati Rice Is Good Or Bad Choice:

To completely abandon a grain or declare it as a bad choice, is not a good option to do. On a larger scale, white rice is criticized a lot. Though, it is a vey healthier option to include in our daily diets. 

Even so, this grain is preferable to pregnant women, to attain the benefit of extra folate that is enriched in white rice. Also, it is an easily digestible meal which is beneficial for those who are on low-fiber diet plans.

Therefore, having this much feature and health benefits, why would it be a bad choice. People can add the white basmati rice in their daily routine without any side effects.

To Wrap Up:

To conclude, we came across the fact that whether the grain is processed, it is full of nutrients and contains various kinds of health benefits. Although, brown rice is more often considered the healthy choice. 

But the fact is, white basmati rice is not a fully rejectable or avoidable item. However, one should always keep in mind that excess of anything causes harm. 

Hence, eating rice in a balanced quantity would always be more beneficial. There have been many studies that proves, brown basmati rice is a great source of energy, largely helps in losing weight and prevents heart diseases, etc.

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