Which Is The Most Expensive Rice Grain In India

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Indians cannot have a day without rice. It has become an important part of everyone’s daily lives. In this circumstances, where people demands daily for rice grains, the cost does matters. So, which is the most expensive rice grain in India?

To know about the cost, first we must know about rice completely. For instance, rice varieties, rice dishes, widely consumable rice grain, contribution of rice exports to global market, etc things.

In this article, we are dealing with all these questions and will get a clear picture related to it. Moving forward, let’s look at the rice varieties produces in India.

Rice Varieties Grain In India:

Indian farmers are devoted to agriculture, it is their primary worship. Along with that, almost half of the population get employment in the agricultural field. 

There are thousands of varieties are producing worldwide. And, 34 rice varieties under the Indian basmati rice category are being identified under the Seeds Act of 1966. 

Below are some famous basmati rice varieties across the globe:

  • Pusa 1121 
  • Basmati 1509
  • Ranbir Basmati
  • Mahi Sugandha
  • Kasturi Basmati
  • Taraori Basmati
  • Dehraduni Basmati
  • Sharbati Basmati

These all are widely cherishable varieties. Pusa 1121 tops in the list also known as Biryani rice. And, there are high chances of being expensive of it. That we discuss next in the article.

Which Is The Most Expensive Rice Grain In India

According to the recent data, the most expensive grain in India is, Basmati Traditional Raw White Rice which costs – 7300/- INR per Quintal. Mostly, the price are stable since long time.

Around the world, the most expensive grain is Kinmemai rice. It is produced by Japan, the Toyo Rice Corporation. It has set a world record in Guiness World Record in 2016, to become the most expensive rice grain.

There is a table shown the cost of famous basmati rice varieties, listed below:

S.NoRice grain nameStateCost INR (Per Qnl)
11121 Basmati Golden Sella Punjab, Delhi, Haryana5300/-
21121 Basmati SteamPunjab, Delhi, Haryana5900/-
3Basmati Traditional Raw WhitePunjab, Haryana7300/-
4Basmati Creamy SellaPunjab, Haryana6600/-
51509 Creamy SellaPunjab, Delhi, Haryana4600/-
61509 Golden SellaPunjab, Delhi, Haryana5100/-
71509 SteamDelhi, Haryana5600/-
81401 Steam RicePunjab, Haryana, Delhi4900/-
91401 Creamy Sella RiceHaryana, Delhi4500/-
10Pusa Basmati SellaMadhya Pradesh4000/-
11Pusa Basmati SteamMadhya Pradesh4200/-
12Sugandha SellaDelhi, Haryana4000/-
13Sugandha SteamDelhi, Haryana4500/-
14Sharbati SellaDelhi, Haryana, UP3500/-
15Sharbati SteamDelhi, Haryana, UP3700/-

The above listed prices are of the year 2020 and remain stable. However, that might change in the upcoming years as during the covid-19 situation, many countries have stocked up. That will directly impacts the rice storage. 

Dishes Using Rice:

This is specialty of rice grain, that it not made a simple rice dish. In fact, by using the grain, we are able to make Idli, Dosa, Appam, Pongal, Bread, Milk, Risotto, Paella etc dishes. These dishes are made around the world on a daily basis.

Look at the rice recipes the simple grain offering. Along with that the simple bowl can accompanies many curry, legumes etc.

Indian basmati rice is all way the most famous grain. Even so, rice is such an easy grain to cook, easily stored, and easiest to digest. It contains several of health benefits that helps human body to stay fit.

The best part is, the grain is suitable for each meal time. Whether it is in breakfast, lunch and dinner, it compliments every meal. Numerous rice recipes are there that are worth a try.

Contribution Of Rice Exports To Global Market:

As per the latest records, India is the leading country in rice exports. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, these are the famous importers of Indian basmati rice. In comparison to the previous year, it has doubled that is 17.7 million tons exports.

The more production happens, the more exports takes place. And, all that directly contributes to the global market along with the development in the Indian economy.

Globally, there has been noticed a rapid increase in the rice consumption over the years. Although, there are many countries where rice is the primary source of their livelihood. It is the finest crop and perfect food security grain for many. 

Day by day, Basmati rice is becoming the favorite rice variety of consumers. All because of its pleasant aroma and delicious taste that satisfies the soul to a great extent.

Concluding Thoughts:

Among all other varieties of rice, basmati rice enjoys a special position. It contains variouos kinds of benefits to the human body. Due to which, the high cost of the grain is worth it and valid. It has a unique flavor that resembles nutty and popcorn. 

We have discussed many things related to the rice grain. And reaching to the conclusion, many doubts must have been cleared. For more informational content, do visit the site and dive into the knowledge related to the rice grains and varieties. 

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