Longest Basmati Grain And Its Benefits

Longest Basmati Grain

Indian basmati rice is a light and delicious dish. The grain is finely aromatic and has a soft texture after being cooked. There are numerous varieties under this category. Let’s find the longest basmati grain and its benefits to the human body. India is the leading rice exporter country and topmost in the production of … Read more

How Basmati Rice Exports Contribute To Economic Growth

basmati rice Exports Contribute to Economic Growth

Indian Basmati Rice is one of the most famous grains across the globe. It holds a large number of contributions to the Indian economy. In this article, we are going to discuss how basmati rice exports contribute to the economic growth of the country. Agricultural commodities influence market and country economic development. On an average, … Read more

Quality Check Limits To Export The Basmati Rice

Export Basmati rice

People feel complete satisfaction by eating Indian basmati rice. Wherever you need rice, there is always Basmati rice. Now, there are definitely some of the quality check limits to export the basmati rice to other countries. In this, we are going to shed some light on those quality check limits to export. And, also the … Read more

Which Is The Most Expensive Rice Grain In India

most expensive rice grain in India

Indians cannot have a day without rice. It has become an important part of everyone’s daily lives. In this circumstances, where people demands daily for rice grains, the cost does matters. So, which is the most expensive rice grain in India? To know about the cost, first we must know about rice completely. For instance, … Read more

White Basmati Rice Is Good Or Bad Choice

White Basmati Rice

Many people have an outlook for white basmati rice as a bad choice or unhealthy grain. They remain confused whether white basmati rice is a good or bad choice to eat. The fact that cannot be denied is, the grain is highly processed that causes lackness of some nutrients. In comparison, brown basmati rice is … Read more

Non-Basmati Rice Exports From India

Non-basmati rice exports

India is the largest producer of rice grains. And, the topmost rice exporters of basmati rice and non-basmati are available largely in India. It continues to dominate the global rice market for centuries. Non-basmati rice exports from India saw rapid growth recently. The exports record is doubled from last year. As per the studies, soon … Read more

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