Does Eating Basmati Rice Increase Body Weight

Eating Basmati Rice

It is a complete myth that eating rice increases body weight. Instead, many suggest that including Indian basmati rice in your diet, helps you in weight loss. It has various health benefits. Rice exporters cultivate it very finely and preserve its nutrients. In fact, white basmati rice has got a bad reputation among many. It … Read more

Best Varieties Of Non-Basmati Rice

Varieties Of Non-Basmati Rice

Those rice that are not included in the Basmati rice variety, are grouped into the non-basmati rice. Both types are famous worldwide. Non-basmati rice exporters, comes under the topmost exporters of India who contributed in the economy to a larger scale. Like Indian basmati rice, non-basmati also comes in many varieties, shape and size. Some … Read more