Is Basmati Rice Production Sustainable?

Basmati Rice Production Sustainable

 The Legacy of Basmati Rice Basmati rice, renowned for its alluring fragrance, long grains, and delicate flavor, has deep historical roots. Cultivated primarily in the fertile regions of India and Pakistan, it has graced tables and rituals for centuries, earning its name from the Hindi word “basmat,” signifying “fragrance.” Meeting Global Demand In recent times, … Read more

How to Store Basmati Rice for Longevity: Tips for Freshness and Flavor

Store Basmati Rice for Longevity

Basmati rice, celebrated for its exquisite aroma and delicate long grains, is a culinary treasure cherished around the world. Its unique flavor and versatility make it a staple in countless dishes, from biryanis to pilafs. To fully appreciate the magic of Basmati rice in your cooking, it’s crucial to ensure its longevity and preserve its … Read more

Ensuring Quality in Basmati Rice Exports: SK Exports’ Commitment

Quality in Basmati Rice Exports

Selecting the Right Source Quality begins at the source. SK Exports, a prominent Basmati rice exporter in India, places great emphasis on sourcing their Basmati rice from trusted and renowned growers in the country’s fertile regions. This careful selection of sources ensures that the rice is cultivated under optimal conditions, enriched by the unique soil … Read more

How is Basmati Rice Graded?

Basmati Rice Graded

Grading Basmati Rice: A Comprehensive Guide Basmati rice, celebrated for its enchanting fragrance, long grains, and refined taste, stands as a globally cherished rice variety. The evaluation of Basmati rice is of utmost importance, given its wide-ranging quality. A meticulous grading process is imperative to ensure that consumers receive the premium product they anticipate. Grading … Read more

The Transition of India’s Basmati Rice: Phasing Out PB-1121 and Introducing New Varieties

The Transition of India's Basmati Rice

India’s Basmati rice exports have experienced significant growth over the past three decades, with a remarkable increase from Rs 290 crore in 1991 to Rs 38,000 crore today. However, a significant shift is currently underway in the industry as India plans to phase out its popular export variety, PB-1121, and replace it with a new … Read more

The Growing Demand for Pesticide Residue-Free Basmati Rice: Exploring its Popularity Worldwide

Growing Demand for Pesticide Residue-Free Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, renowned for its unique aroma, long grains, and delicate flavor, has gained immense popularity among consumers globally. In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in demand for pesticide residue-free basmati rice. This article aims to delve into the reasons behind the increasing popularity and global demand for this premium rice variety. … Read more

India Considers Banning Rice Exports: Potential Impact on Global Prices

India Considers Banning Rice Exports: Potential Impact on Global Prices

  India, renowned as the largest rice exporter globally, is currently deliberating a significant decision that could have far-reaching consequences. Reports suggest that the Indian government is contemplating a ban on the export of most rice varieties, primarily to mitigate the risk of inflation before upcoming elections. While this measure may stabilize domestic prices, it … Read more

What is the Difference Between Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, and Regular White/Brown Rice?

Rice is a staple food in many parts of the world and comes in a variety of types. Basmati rice, jasmine rice, and regular white/brown rice are three popular varieties that are widely consumed. While they may look similar, there are differences in taste, texture, and nutritional value. Let’s take a closer look at each … Read more



BASMATI RICE IS OFTEN CONSIDERED POPULAR BECAUSE OF ITS   LONG AND SLENDER GRAINS AND ELONGATED GRAINS:  This can be up to three times longer than other types of Rice. The grains are also thinner and more delicate, giving it a distinct texture and feel when cooked. This unique shape and texture of Basmati Rice, … Read more

How to cook perfect basmati rice in a pan or pot, Indian style

cook perfect basmati rice in a pan or pot

In India and in the Indian Diaspora, basmati rice is considered a symbol of sophistication. It’s an indication that you’re hosting someone important and you want to impress them. But why is this? What makes Basmati so special? And how do we cook it at home? We’ll explain below! A Brief History of Basmati Rice … Read more