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There are few grains that are populated across the globe. Rice is one of them, probably the most important. In the Mediterranean diet, basmati rice is preferred. To know about the variety, let’s know about who originated basmati rice and its benefits.

The rice fits perfectly in the royal dishes. The weather preferable for its production is cold, which enhances the cultivation of the rice. Many states largely produce it.

Origin Of Basmati Rice:

The aroma and flavor of it are sometimes referred to as “popcorn or nutty”. Generally, it is chosen mostly for its fragrance and pleasant taste. Also, it is lengthy in shape.

The word Basmati itself suggests “fragrance” in the language Sanskrit. True to its origin, the grain is found in the land of India and Pakistan. Which continued to produce in these areas.

Additionally, India accounts for more than 65 percent share in the global trade market. The rest percent of the share is in the Pakistan account.

What History Says:

According to the history of basmati, it is likely to have its origin in the medieval era. People from Pakistan claim basmati as their produced crop. 

This is due to the fact that Punjabi Sufi, Waris shah mentioned Basmati in one of his popular tragic romance stories, “Heer-Ranjha” in 1766. But, at the time both Indian and Pakistan were one unit and stood together.

However, the situation changes over the period. At the moment, there are many rivalries between India and Pakistan. Furthermore, Indian rice exporters are the ones who introduced the grain to the middle east. 

Since then, it continues to grow more and become an important part of worldwide cuisines. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are the prominent producers of basmati rice. 

Specialty Of Basmati Rice:

In research studies, it has been observed that basmati grain consists of a chemical compound that is 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. This is why the grain is aromatic and full of fragrance.

In comparison to other rice varieties, it is more healthful, with a unique spicy flavor. Many countries cherish it only due to its aroma, which is far better than any grain.

Varieties Under This Category:

In rice crops, there are thousands of varieties to be served under this single category. Worldwide, several countries cultivate rice crops. The major categories under rice are divided into two parts, such as; Basmati Rice & Non-Basmati Rice. 

In basmati rice, there are numerous variants that people appreciate. And, many consume it on a daily basis. The prominent varieties are as under:

  • Basmati 385
  • Pusa 1121 Basmati
  • Ranbir Basmati
  • Mahi Sugandha Basmati
  • Basmati 370

All these are widely famous basmati varieties. Each grain is full of nutrients and beneficial elements. The best part is, all grains compliments all dishes almost, even a simple cooked bowl gives a pleasant taste. 

Benefits Of The Superfine Grain:

In the market, there are many options of grains for consumption. Among all, rice is the one that can easily get digested. Thus, no surprise that rice is the first solid grain given to babies.

As per the research, over 4000 types of rice found existence in the human world. And, no doubt Indian basmati rice is the primary choice of many human beings. Let’s look at the benefits of it to understand why it is the central and most healthful dish.

  • The grain contains high nutritional values. Our body requires every type of nutrient in daily functioning. And, the search for all nutrients is completed by looking at a basmati.  It gives those nutrients to the body that are necessary to intake on a daily basis.
  • It is believed to facilitate fat oxidation which helps in fat reduction. Basmati is a whole grain rice crop that keeps you fit. Remarkably lower in calories as compared to other types.
  • A great source of high fibers that leads to an energetic day. If our stomach gets a full fiber meal, it feels energized throughout the day. 
  • The value of vitamins in meals directly impacts our brain health. Thiamine is a basic and important nutrient, essential in our diets. And, basmati consists of the perfect amount of this nutrient that enhances our brain health and the efficiency of its function. 
  • According to the glycemic index, which is a tool, that tells us that basmati is the lowest in rank. This rank is remarkably excellent in keeping you healthy all the way. Even so, diabetic patients can easily consume this as this maintains the blood sugar level at its best.

After calculating so many health benefits, do not forget to add this grain to your balanced diet. Also, the superfine grain must be purchased from the certified sellers or rice exporters of India. 


In view of the above discussion, we came across many things related to Basmati rice. The origin of the grain was found in the eighteenth century. And, since that era, it has become more famous across the globe.

Indian rice exports have attained the position of second-largest country worldwide. It has exported around 17.7 million tons to several countries. With the rise in exports, it is compulsory to raise the production rate which is over 100 million tons in India.

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