What Are The Differences That Make Basmati Rice Unique

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Rice is the main dish in every kitchen. Over the centuries, it keeps growing and increasing varieties. But some of the varieties still remain the topmost and best. For instance the Basmati rice. Now, what are the differences that make basmati rice unique from other varieties?

There are a number of differences that make basmati rice unique. In each possible way, this is the finest and top best variety under the rice category. 

According to the research there are thousands of varieties of rice crop but only few have got the privilege to be known as “Basmati Rice”. And all are different in size, shape and properties.

With the basmati as a parenting breed, there is a continuous process to develop more varieties. Recently, a variety named, Mahi sugandha basmati rice, was added in the basmati rice category.

What Are The Differences That Make Basmati Rice Unique:

The differences that make basmati rice unique are various kinds of. People can identify basmati at one glance. The primary differences can be understood by below defined ways also it helps in buying quality basmati rice:

  1. Size & Shape – Size of grains is a true matter of fact, because different sizes are used for cooking different varieties. For instance, in the markets there is Pusa 1121 variant which is widely used for making Biryani, and pulao dishes.
  1. Color – Each variant of rice has a different color. This is why paying attention to the color is an important factor. Remember, healthy rice would not be too white.
  1. Texture – Looking at the texture of grain is also necessary to differentiate. The whole grain rice will not be too smooth which easily gets broken. If the grain breaks down easily, then avoid buying that rice. Thus, you get to know the real difference.
  1. Fragrance –  The finest grains do not consist of perfumed type smells. If the smell or fragrance is soothing and a nutty flavor, then it is good to go.

These are remarkably very basic things which help in differentiating the rice varieties. Every type of rice is generally characterized as in three shapes that is;

  1. Long Grain
  2. Medium Grain
  3. Short Grain

The very common difference between basmati and other rice varieties. Long grains look cylindrical in shapes while short and medium grains are shorter and wider. Long grain rice, mostly known as basmati rice, is its primary factor.

Benefits Or Characteristics:

Indian basmati rice has unique benefits and characteristics which are obviously different from regular rice. These benefits and properties make the variety unique from others.

It is also a good source of nutritional value. Consuming the grain on a daily basis, is an foremost advice from the nutritionist itself. 


  • Indian basmati rice has a distinct aroma which attracts everyone.
  • Even the name basmati suggests the finest fragrance and aroma in its true meaning.
  • It smells a little like a nutty flavor and some define it as popcorn aroma.
  • The grain is finely long and soft textured. After being cooked, each grain remains separated.
  • It is believed that the oldest rice grain is the best and better grain. So, aging is also a characteristic in refining the basmati rice.
  • Basmati rice comes widely in brown and white color, and brown one is considerably the most nutritious.


  • Many beliefs and a proven fact, this grain prevents the formation of cancer cells.
  • It is a powerhouse of nutrients. High amounts of carbs and fibers are best in providing energy to the body. 
  • The best option for diabetic people since basmati is lowest in the glycemic index. And, that lowers the blood sugar level in order to maintain a healthy body.
  • Those who wish to lose weight, must go for this variant. It is best in fiber content that ultimately helps in maintaining good weight.
  • The grain is low in fat and cholesterol which prevents the cardiac disease and keeps the heart healthy.
  • A good source in easy digestion. The nutrients in it are very helpful in preventing constipation.

All above stated points are the differentiating factors. It makes basmati different from normal or regular rice. The benefits are so many that it is difficult to count on finger tips.


The differences are numerous and beneficial. This is why it is widely chosen by most people. Indian basmati rice is mostly delivered and supplied by rice exporters of India. 

Many assume that if basmati rice is high in calories then it would have negative impacts. But, it was false, each calorie intake helps in each possible way to make the body fit and healthy. Even so, the nutritional value of organic basmati rice makes it worth consuming on a daily basis. 

Moreover, rice crops are a way to provide employment to many farmers, rice exporters and rice suppliers. Including that, it is a healthy meal for the human body. Therefore, in each possible way it has positive impacts on everyone’s livelihood.

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