Govt waives duty on export of 1,000 tonnes of non-basmati kalanamak rice

In a significant move to bolster India’s agricultural exports, the government has recently announced the waiver of duty on the export of 1,000 tonnes of non-basmati kalanamak rice. This decision comes as a boon for farmers and exporters alike, opening up new opportunities in the global market for this unique variety of rice. Let’s delve … Read more

India Allows Export Of 10 Lakh Tonnes Of Non-Basmati Rice To 7 Countries

In a landmark decision aimed at bolstering agricultural exports and fortifying international trade relations, India has greenlit the export of 10 lakh tonnes of non-basmati rice to seven countries. This pivotal announcement underscores India’s commitment to leveraging its agricultural prowess to meet global demand while fostering economic growth and enhancing diplomatic ties. Let’s delve deeper … Read more

Non-Basmati Rice Exports From India

Non-basmati rice exports

India is the largest producer of rice grains. And, the topmost rice exporters of basmati rice and non-basmati are available largely in India. It continues to dominate the global rice market for centuries. Non-basmati rice exports from India saw rapid growth recently. The exports record is doubled from last year. As per the studies, soon … Read more