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Basmati rice is the love for every food lover. This long-grain thin rice is cultivating in the foothills of Himalayan regions. Every basmati rice exporters supplied the basmati rice, so what is special about basmati rice? Rice is served habitually alongside various curries, braised and roasted meats, or majorly in the form of biryani. The rice has its flavor and authenticity, which is different from other varieties of rice. 

It has a unique taste and fragrance which resist the taste in the eater’s mind. Therefore, this rice is one of the best rice to be served or demanded globally. Most of the Middle East, Gulf, and African countries export rice from India in bulk. 


The types of basmati rice are largely cultivated in the Indian region. Different varieties are available:

These are the varieties having distinct features from one another. But the varieties have the same aroma and fragrance, which resist the taste and flavor. 

1121 Rice

This variety is the most famed variety available in this range. This variety is the longest rice in the world. 1121 basmati rice is recorded in the Limca Book of World Record for being the longest rice in the world. The rice has its cooking quality, unique texture, and delicious fragrance. This rice is more favorable for occasions and events because of its soft texture. The average length of grain is 8.35mm. 

The 1121 basmati rice is available in four forms which are cultivated from the top quality of paddy.

  • 1121 Raw Rice
  • 1121 Steam Rice
  • 1121 Sella Rice
  • 1121 Golden Sella Rice

1121 Raw Rice: This rice is safe to consume and free from all kinds of other non-grain material. With the average length of the grain is 8.35mm, the rice has pointy edges. The distinct aroma is dignified with the processing method. 

1121 Steam Rice: Elite aroma and the unique fragrance is the key feature of the rice. The rice is used in the biryani from different regions. The rice has an average length of 8.30mm and retains 12% moisture. 

1121 Sella Rice: The rice has a creamy white texture and has a natural, authentic aroma with a sweet fragrance. This rice retains moisture of 12.5% with a unique flavor.

1121 Golden Sella Rice: This rice is a gluten-free and distinct aroma. The rice is golden-textured and having an 8.35mm average length. Our rice is processed under expert supervision. 


Pusa basmati rice has high nutritional values. The rice has the higher elongated grains, which show the linear cooked kernels. It is the hybrid variety of rice grain used by many people in their recipes. This rice has a fine grain quality and is rich in fiber. 

The Pusa Basmati Rice is also processed in the four forms:

  • Pusa Raw Rice
  • Pusa Steam Rice
  • Pusa Sella Rice
  • Pusa Golden Sella Rice

Pusa Raw Rice: Pusa raw basmati rice is the range praised by many countries. This rice grain is finely milled and free from impurities. 

Pusa Steam Rice: The Pusa steam basmati rice is elongated rice grain with an average of 8.35mm. The rice has a unique fragrance and distinct flavor, enhancing the taste and resistibility of the eater’s hearts.

Pusa Sella Rice:  The hybrid breed of rice is pure and rich in nutrients. Rice is less in starch and has a perfect amount of carbohydrates. This reason makes it gluten-free on the surface. 

Pusa Golden Sella Rice: Buyers get a hand on this variety of rice, due to its fragrance and cooking quality. This variety is highly demanded worldwide.

1401 RICE

The approved range of basmati rice is the customer choice that relies upon the taste, fragrance, aroma, and authenticity. Rice has consumed in daily meals due to its being easy to digest and high in fiber. The production of basmati rice is highly processed and makes it more authentic for consumption. Rice is available in two different forms: 

  • 1401 Steam Rice
  • 1401 Sella Rice

1401 Steam Rice: The rice has become soft and twice its original size after cooking. This rice always relishes the taste of the recipes and makes it more authentic when it’s aged. 

1401 Sella Rice: It always mesmerizes with the unique taste and traditional touch in the recipes. It is the non-sticky and highly nutritional variety of 1401 basmati rice. 

1509 Rice

The basmati rice exporters using the latest machinery to give the pure processed rice. The rice is cultivated in the northern region and supply all over the world. The average grain length is 8.35mm and delivers a unique taste to the eaters. This rice is processed in three forms:

  • 1509 Sella Rice
  • 1509 Steam Rice
  • 1509 Golden Sella Rice

1509 Sella Rice: mouth-watering taste and delectable aroma is the key feature. This non-sticky rice has elongated variety, which shows the sweet aromatic fragrance in the recipes. 

1509 Steam rice: The well-equipped rice is processed properly for the removal of other non-grain materials. The white creamy textured rice has a marvelous smell and genuine flavor to the eaters of rice. 

1509 Golden Sella Rice: Natural properties and gluten-free rice are twice their lengths after cooking. The grain is of superior quality and has fine edges to serve food lovers’ royal taste.  


Prince of rice is another name for the Traditional Basmati Rice.  This authentic species of rice have an alluring aroma and mesmerizing flavor to adore the rice eaters. To produce these rice grains, farmers are not using any chemical fertilizer. This premium quality rice is harvested with love by our farmers. There are two forms of traditional basmati rice are: 

  • Traditional Raw Rice
  • Traditional Sella Rice

Traditional Raw Rice: This rice is less in starch and has a sweet-smelling fragrance. It is lightweight and has a fluffy texture. Its average length is 7.30mm. 

Traditional Sella Rice:  After cooking, this rice is non-sticky and separate from each other. Sella rice contains many health benefits. 


With delightful taste and delicious aroma, this rice has a place in every eater’s meal. Many chefs and restaurants are using it due to its authentic taste and preference for non-sticky nature. This rice is available in four forms: 

  • Sugandha Raw Rice
  • Sugandha Steam Rice
  • Sugandha Sella Rice
  • Sugandha Golden Sella Rice

Sugandha Raw Rice: This sugandha rice variety has exceptionally high quality when it comes to quality. The rice has numerous health benefits and authenticity. This highly processed rice is supplied by the manufacturer in moisture-proof bags to retain its freshness. 

Sugandha Steam Rice: Some of the varieties are widely appreciated worldwide, and this is one of them. Rice extract from the top-quality paddy to serve the supreme quality to the clients.

Sugandha Golden Sella Rice:  Taste and flavor give the combo the rice exporters from India to the rice eaters. The rice has a genuine quality and fine texture.  


  • SUPERIOR AMONG ALL THE RICE GRAIN: It is gluten-free and less fat. It has eight vital nutrients, i.e., amino acids and folic acid, essential for human consumption. There will be no cholesterol and less sodium as well. 
  • TASTE IMPRESSION GRAIN: This is rich in flavor and has a unique taste. This long-grain rice has a fluffy texture and is lightweight, which makes it easy to digest. 
  • MAGNIFICENT AROMA: The classy fragrance is the key point related to rice. This mesmerizing fragrance makes it queen of fragrance. Overall the fragrance of basmati rice is the most unique and genuine feature of the rice. 
  • SPARKLING WINE CHARACTER: The wine has an aging process, and the basmati rice is too. Aged rice of basmati has an enhancement process that is kept for years. The rice texture and fragrance are deeply enhanced when it is kept for many years. 
  • COOKING TEXTURE: It has a soft and fluffy texture that expands twice after cooking. The raw state of rice has an average length of 8mm to 8.35mm. This grain retains long and slender in shape. 
  • VERSATILE IN NATURE: Rice is always mesmerized with the flavor enhancement and absorbs the flavor mix.
  • CULTIVATION RESPONSIBILITY: The rice is cultivated properly to get the pure result. It is a unique relation between farmers and their paddy. Authenticity and aroma are all about the tireless work of the farmers.
  • BEGINNING TO END: The rice requires special care from the beginning. The rice is harvested with love. This Kharif crop requires the proper weather condition and the right amount of water in the field. Constant attention and characteristics making it more authentic and flavorful.    
  • COLOUR: The color is translucent, creamy white, and brown. But it is mostly present in white texture.
  • SHAPE: The shape of basmati rice is long and slender. Rice needs to be more than 3mm long to include in the basmati rice variety with pointy ends.
  • ELONGATION OF BASMATI RICE: The rice is elongated up to twice and not flattens much. It is expanding up to twice after its cooking. 
  • RECIPES: Royal taste makes it more authentic to Biryani, Pilaf, Kabsa, and Mandi. These rice grains are separate from each other as they do not contain gluten.    


Each serving contains numerous nutrients, carbohydrates, folate, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, it has low arsenic, which is safe to consume.

One cup or 170g of basmati rice contain

  • Calories: 210g
  • Protein: 4.4g
  • Fat: 0.5g
  • Carbs: 45.6g
  • Fiber: 0.7g
  • Sodium: 399g
  • Folate: 25% of the daily value
  • Thiamine: 22%
  • Selenium: 22%
  • Niacin: 15%
  • Copper: 12%
  • Iron: 11%
  • Vitamin B6: 9%
  • Zinc: 7%
  • Phosphorus: 6%
  • Magnesium:5%

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