Hike in the Price of Basmati Rice at Festive Season

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In this festive season, hike in the price of basmati rice in India. In August, the pulses and basmati crops have been affected by arid influences as the heavy rains occur in September. 

Prices at wholesale for 1509 basmati rice varieties used in biryani increased by 36% compared to the last festive period.

Rains have impacted the quality of pulses, and some categories of pulses saw a rise in their prices of between 10% and 12%. The cost of edible oil has fallen by Rs 10 per barrel in the last two months, but it is unlikely that prices will drop further shortly as international prices remain high.

 Traders said that the price increase would not affect the off-take of essential commodities, as the sentiment among consumers is positive. 

Consumer purchase is on the rise due to a lot of demand and declining covid cases. Most state governments have lifted many covid-induced restrictions, and shops are now open in all parts of the country. 

Although consumers are more alert about the third wave of pandemic and induced limits, they are still buying to celebrate the festive season in a better manner than last year,” stated by  Bimal Kothari, vice-chairman of India Pulses & Grains Association.

The weather conditions have affected the production of urad Kharif and moong among pulses. The quality of the urad crop in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh was affected by heavy rains in September. 

Kothari stated that Rajasthan’s dry weather conditions had impacted the production of moong. He said that prices are now up by 10% to 12%.

Priyanka Mitchell, director of KRBL Limited, mentioned the increase in basmati rice prices. “Overall, planting was less by 40% compared to the previous year, so there has also been a scarcity in production this year. 

Basmati prices have risen due to an increase in the minimum support price for non-Basmati rice. In addition, unexpected rains this year caused lower than usual crop arrivals in the mandis. As a result, global commodity prices have risen.

 “The heavy-duty demand from Bangladesh and other countries has determined the non-basmati rice prices,” stated Suraj Agarwal, founder of Tirupati Agri Trading.

About basmati rice

Basmati rice is the choice of every kitchen. It is the primary choice of every individual. Every occasion needs the dish cooked with basmati rice. 

The rice is easily paired with many of the other recipes like curry rice, beans rice etc. Various varieties are available in basmati rice, along with unique characteristics. The feature of basmati rice makes it more authentic and a reason to choose among all the rice varieties.

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Feature of Basmati Rice

Various features of basmati rice are as follows:

Texture: basmati rice has the firm and smooth texture. It is one of the best rice as it enhances the image of the recipe. 

Length: it has the average grain length of about 6.90mm to 8.35mm. The length is tice after cooking. Basmati rice is the long grain range that gives the royal texture to the dishes. 

Glutinous: this is the rice variety that is non-gluten. Basmati rice contain fibre. It is separate from one another and non-sticky in the base. 

Fragrance: basmati rice is known as the queen of fragrance which makes the rice more authentic. Its aromatic fragrance is the prime choice to the consumer of this rice.

Flavour: Aromatic flavour of the rice is naturally present in it. The basmati rice is one of the best rice that improves the recipe’s flavour by mixing it. 

Why are prices so high?

Basmati rice is the foremost choice of every individual among all the rice varieties. This is the most personified range as every variety of this rice has its unique features. 

As per the recent news mentioned above, basmati rice prices are increased in this festive season. 

There is the 36% increase in the price of basmati rice. The reason for to increase in price are:

  • Shops are reopened after the covid pandemic
  • Demand are high and limited supply
  • More spending by the consumers in comparison of last year 
  • Reduction in cultivation by 40%

Future prediction about basmati rice

Basmati rice is in the premium price range. Therefore, there will be no predication uphold after saw this current situation. 

The consumption and other situation are making the rice more preferable throughout the year. 

The rice lovers are not going to consider the price if they want to consume. So there will be no prediction that should be considered about the prices of the basmati rice. 

An alternative of 1509 basmati rice is 1121 basmati rice

1509 Basmati rice prices are hike this year. This is the long grain rice variety that has a unique taste and superior quality grain.

It is processed by the Indian Basmati Rice exporters and millers in the flowing steps. The steps are Cleaning, Hulling, Milling, Polishing, Sorting, Grading, Weighing, Packaging, and Storage. 

The rice variety are processed in four forms: 

  • Raw
  • Steam
  • Sella
  • Golden Sella

This is the variety which is good for health benefits. Every processed range is the best among all the varieties. The basmati rice has many health benefits. 

It cures diseases like diabetics, heart disease and nerve disease. Weight management also helps to maintain as it contains fibre and starch in high percentage. 

1121 basmati rice

1121 basmati rice is the best alternative to 1509 rice. As the 1121 rice is the longest grain in the world. It is demanded across the globe, especially in the Middle East regions and Gulf Countries. 

The rice has nutritional qualities also. Its texture is a non-gluten and smooth consistency. This choose the rice more authentic and aromatic in flavour. 

The rice has a smooth consistency and delectable taste with all the relevant health benefits.

This is the basmati rice variety processed in four forms by the Indian Basmati rice Exporters and Millers. 

  • Raw
  • Steam 
  • Sella
  • Golden Sella

This is developed in the Indian Subcontinent and is famed across the globe because of its extra-long grain length. 

You can easily shift from 1509 basmati rice to 1121 basmati rice. The variety is a rise in prices, so you can go for the best alternative to the rice in this festive season.

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