Which Rice Is Best For Weight Loss?

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Rice has become the supreme choice of everyone, whether in India or in other countries. It is the highest rated grain in all over the world. The question here is: which rice is best for weight loss? 

And, Indian basmati rice meal is considered the most nutritive which has various health benefits along with the appetizing taste. It also helps in losing weight but it is important to choose wisely the best basmati rice miller. It is important to choose the right type and below are the tips to follow while buying.

Top 6 tips to keep in mind while choosing right rice:

  • The color – The first noticeable thing that cannot be ignored. Even if someone new goes to buy, he/she can find the right rice very easily. Go for the right color which is not too white but a bright white which is not yellowish also.
  • Rice texture – It is not difficult as it sounds to find the right texture for healthy basmati rice. Qualitative rice has a texture of strongness, which cannot be broken when pressed. On the other hand, there is some normal rice, which easily gets broken even with a simple press, there we can understand the quality of rice.
  • Whether sticky or not when squeezed – It is quite essential when we are looking for a healthy rice, to ensure that the rice doesn’t get sticky after being cooked or get squeezed. The lubricant essence in rice needs to be avoided because it is not good for health and especially when we are consuming it for weight loss.
  • Appearance of the rice – To check the quality, ensure the model number of the rice and to check this, look at the grain carefully and observe the quality and appearance whether it is looking old or new, also see if there is any trace of flour while holding the rice grain. If not so, then the rice is perfectly fine.
  • Bite rice, to test quality – This technique is important to implement to ensure the quality, if the rice is not easily fragile after biting then it is good for diabetic patients. Also, this type of rice is beneficial for those who are planning to lose weight.
  • Buy from trustworthy –  Along with the other tips discussed above, the trustworthy buyer is important otherwise it would result in bad health. For this, there are various types of certificates which verify the buyers.

To live a healthy life, it is necessary to choose wisely the right buyer with trusted products.

An observation:

It has been observed, populations whose food is Indian basmati rice would have suffered less obesity and associated pathologies. Contrary to popular belief, this cereal from tropical areas does not make you fat, provided, of course, if it is consumed correctly. 

What study says about Basmati rice:

As per the discovery of the health benefits of rice by Walter Kempner, a researcher in the Department of Medicine at Duke University, was the first to work on the effects of Indian basmati rice on diet on various diseases: diabetes, heart failure or high blood pressure.

Rice comes in different forms. In addition to the different varieties, colors, shapes, sizes, and terroirs of cultivation, the rice lover can choose to cook white rice, semi-brown rice or brown rice. 

Best rice for weight loss

Many people who start a diet to lose weight, think that carbohydrates are the main which makes them fat. Therefore, they think it should be removed from the food list altogether. 

However, this is not entirely true. Without carbohydrates, the body will lose its energy to even perform the daily activities, the aim should be to achieve healthiness, not to eliminate the food items or daily necessary things.

Brown Basmati rice is more advisable than white rice on a daily basis or when losing weight or as part of certain diets.

A cereal is said to be complete when it has kept its natural envelope rich in fiber and minerals. This applies to all grains or nuts like wheat, sesame, almonds as well as in rice.

Most nutritionists recommend brown rice because the cereal is found less refined, and retains the majority of its nutrients, contained in its husk, contains the most nutrients such as: carbohydrates, proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Thanks to its high fiber content, Brown Basmati rice promotes intestinal transit and thus helps to fight against constipation. Ultimately, that helps in easy digestion and best for weight loss.

5 golden rules to follow during weight lose:

  1. The diet must be in control, all the items should be in a proper portion on a plate and a well concentrated mind to control hunger in initial days. Thus, it is important to practice controlled portions.
  2. Many grains start with and advertise as whole grain food, but is it true or not? The step of procession in food makes it lose the grains sometimes at the time of refinement. Hence, go for the unprocessed food that is whole grain, such as: brown basmati rice.
  3. While losing weight, vegetables play an integral role because veggies are full in nutrients, fibres also low in calories. So, you must include veggies with your rice or as salad in the diet such as: broccoli, tomato, spinach etc. Without it, the plate seems incomplete.
  4. When the rice is prepared to be cooked, try not to forget that additional veggies or cereal will add the calories. Henceforth keep count of the addions and be aware of them.
  5. The methods which we apply during cooking is definitely an important aspect that matters. For instance, if we over cooked the rice, it would lose its nutrients or healthier fibres, also, if we add extra cooking oil, butter etc that would impact the healthy diet.

Indian basmati rice is a good part of a balanced and healthy diet and the knowledge of how to use it in a controlled manner will lead you definitely towards your goal i.e, to lose weight. 

Why to choose brown over white:

It became an established fact that brown rice helps in losing weight while white rice doesn’t because brown meal is the whole grain which effectively keeps you healthy along with maintaining weight.

It could be attributed that this happens because the brown basmati rice contains the fiber, nutrients and plant compounds that is generally a necessity found in a whole grain food.

There is one story of an overweight Korean lady who has reduced her weight by including rice in her three meals in a day, which is widely flaunted.

Brown over white has more advantages as always, it is higher in fibre, in glycemic index, and in nutrients. Choosing brown is considered a healthier choice.


Indian Basmati rice is an excellent antioxidant which reduces the effects of free radicals on the skin and the body. More complete, brown basmati rice is more satiating than its counterpart.

In fact, rice is among the most consumed ingredients in the world for its ease of access. Positively, it accompanies many preparations.

Thus, the amount and the type of rice are decisive in the effectiveness of the weight loss diet. Whether the amount of consumption is to maintain the ideal weight or to lose inches.

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