Does Eating Basmati Rice Increase Body Weight

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It is a complete myth that eating rice increases body weight. Instead, many suggest that including Indian basmati rice in your diet, helps you in weight loss. It has various health benefits. Rice exporters cultivate it very finely and preserve its nutrients.

In fact, white basmati rice has got a bad reputation among many. It happened due to its presence of high calories and enriched starch. But, truthful to words, rice is an incredible grain that is very easy to prepare and versatile in its characteristics.

The grain can be cooked in many varieties of dishes. In addition, each person can afford it, it comes in many varieties which divides the cost of each variety as well.

Does Eating Basmati Rice Increase Body Weight?

In simple words, the answer for this would be a simple No. Eating rice does not increase body weight. On the other hand, basmati rice helps in reducing the extra fat and in achieving the desired weight. 

At first, many people think that they must abandon rice from their diets, if they want to be fit. But it would be a wrong decision. One must decide after getting the full information related to any grain or meal.

However, leaving rice is not compulsory when you are fond of it. A complete knowledge and balance of diet would help to go through with this.

Must Not Abandon Rice From The Diet:

Mostly, weight loss diets restrict the increased calorie consumption. However, it is true that in order to lose weight, you must deficit calorie intake. It may help in burning calories during the workouts on a daily basis. 

This is the reason why people try to avoid rice from their daily diet. But, would it be fair to eliminate Indian basmati rice completely? While, it is the most famous and has a pleasant taste. 

Indian basmati rice is a widely lovable grain only because of the benefits it has. It is considerably low in fat which helps in easy digestion. Also, it is non-gluten grain that offers Vitamin B which is helpful in keeping the brain healthy.

Therefore, before abandoning it, you must reconsider your decision and look at the beneficial elements of it. Also, one thing that needs attention is proper consumption in the right balance.

Ways To Eat Rice Safely:

There must be ways for eating rice to move towards a healthy diet. And, here we are discussing some of the easy ways with which you can easily add rice in your diet plan.

Some of the ways to follow:

  • One must exercise and control the portion size in a plate. Try to avoid extra and oversized meals and restrict the larger amount. According to the plans, include low carb and low calorie. 
  • Adjustment of the portion is important. One must skip consuming extra carbs irregularly. The meal we consume must be in a regular way and timely managed. 
  • Sometimes, rice makes you feel hungry very quickly in comparison to other carbs. It happens because it is easily digestible. But choose a healthy way to come out from this and that way is including vegetables with rice.
  • Vegetables are remarkably a great healthy option. Thus, pairing your meal with healthy veggies would even enhance the quality. Grilled vegetables, or roasted vegetables will be suitable.
  • Now, when you have chosen the best trick to pair rice with, you must choose the cooking method efficiently. Boiling rice is better to opt out in comparison to frying or using cream to cook it.
  • However, we can agree to the point where taste is also important. For that, choose the whole grain, Indian basmati rice. A simple boiled bowl gives a pleasant taste and aromatic essence that fails other varieties very often.

Therefore, these are the ways to make your meal healthy even by consuming rice. Along with that, choosing the right variety is a prominent thing. For that, Indian basmati rice wins that race as always.

The Indian rice exporters provide a very fine quality and best nutritious grain. They ensure the safe delivery and throughout the processes, preserves the nutrient value to its best.

Why Portion Size Is Important:

To be truthful, any food can cause fattening, if portion size will go out of control. The excess intake of nutritions results as a poison to the body. 

People do not realize that grain does not make you fat, it is the excess of food. Studies have proven that serving large amounts of meals increases the calorie intake. This impacts body health to a larger extent.

Controlled portion size is important, because it allows the body to consume the right amount of calories. In this way, our body will remain healthy and have less chances of indulging in diseases. Otherwise, we must be ready for the consequences.


To conclude, we can say, basmati rice is the best edible grain without worrying about increasing body weight. Instead, we must be concerned about the portion of the plate we consume. 

The grain is filled with many nutrients that are the basic and key requirement of the body. Hence, avoiding the whole grain basmati rice would be unfair. Also, it may cause deficiency of nutrients. 

Basmati rice exporters, provides a fine quality of grain and offers numerous kinds of varieties. Over time, India became the largest country of rice production. It happened due to the high demands across the globe.

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