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Haryana is the golden state in terms of cultivating rice. The Basmati Rice Exporters and Millers are setting up their rice mill and supplying rice across the globe. 

India is the blessed land and the largest cultivator of this Kharif crop. The Indian farmers have been growing this rice for ages. 

Various countries cultivated rice and exported it to the demanding countries. 

Many of the countries mandate the consumption of pesticide-free rice also. 

Some Indian Rice Manufacturers are growing these rice under various norms and policies. 

There are numerous varieties which are demanded worldwide. Basmati rice is one of the best prices among all the rice varieties i.e.

· Thai jasmine

· Italian Arborio

· Indian Basmati rice

Indian rice has a unique specification which makes it a qualitative product. Its features are also good enough to enhance the taste buds easily. 

Why is Haryana known as the Rice Bowl of India?

The rice is cultivated in the Himalayan region of the Indian Subcontinent. There are various states from the Northern and Southern regions of India that foster rice. 

Various states produce basmati rice in bulk to export. 

The states like:

· Punjab

· Haryana 

· Uttar Pradesh

· Uttrakhand

· Maharashtra

· West Bengal

· Telangana

These are the various states. But Haryana is known as the Rice Bowl of India, and the district Karnal is known as the rice bowl of Haryana. 

The rice is exported in bulk from the Karnal district, and it is a region with more than 150 rice mills. The land of Haryana is fertile and cultivates the highest amount in India. 

How is Paddy Cultivated?

Paddy cultivation is the most prominent step which decides the further quality of rice. There are various steps to be followed. 

Step 1

Before sowing the paddy, the preparation of the field is important. The farmers are going to plough their fields about a few inches before the rainy season. Then add the manicure and fertilizers. 

Step 2

The transplanting of the paddy is important. That is done after relocating the grain paddy from the nursery. 

But in India, the farmers used to cultivate the grain directly from the field. No transplantation takes place in Sri Lanka and India. 

Step 3

The farmers used to maintain the field’s fertility as it is necessary to maintain the moisture level of the field.

Step 4

The paddy is used to harvest in November as it is completely dried up land. 

The paddy is harvested easily when there is no moisture level present. 

Step 5

Threshing is done manually. The stalk of paddy is beaten up against the rock bar to separate the grain from the stacks. 

After these steps, when paddy is cultivated, it is used for further processes, i.e., milling. 

Paddy Storage

Paddy is stored in jute bags or containers. It is stored in a germ-free environment. The paddy is stored in a cool, dry place. 

The moisture harms the paddy as it encourages bacteria formation. So the paddy is stored in air-tight containers and jute bags. 

How is rice processed and milled?

Various steps make you familiar with the milling process. These are the vital parts of the processing that convert the paddy into rice. 

Cleaning: It is important to wash the Rice properly for the further milling process, and it helps to remove the non-grain material completely. 

Hulling: It is the second process that removes the outer layer or hull of the rice grain. 

Milling: The Rice is milled properly to remove the foreign and unwanted material from the Rice. 

Polishing: It is the step that enhances the texture of the Rice. After polishing, the rice grain is enhanced in colour and firm in texture. 

Sorting: The Rice is sorted properly as the unwanted grain or elements are separated from the rice grain. 

Grading: The Rice is separated as per the grading. The other type of Rice is separated from the perfect texture rice. 

Weighing: After the following step, the Rice is measured for packaging. 

Packaging of basmati rice

Basmati rice is available in many packaging. It is available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg etc. 

The packaging by the basmati rice exporters and millers is customized too as per the client’s needs. 

After harvesting, the Rice is milled properly to supply the rice grain in various regions. 

The packaging is done in plastic jars and bags packed in moisture-proof bags to retain their freshness. 

Basmati Rice Varieties

Basmati rice has various types of features in terms of length, taste, and aroma. It is the long grain variety cultivated in Indian states like Punjab and Haryana.

Basmati rice varieties which the Indian basmati rice millers are supplying across the globe are as follows:

  • 1121 rice
  • Traditional Rice
  • Pusa rice
  • Sugandha rice
  • 1401 rice
  • 1509 rice

These Rice are processed in various forms like:

  • Raw 
  • Steam
  • Sella
  • Golden Sella

Every variety has unique features and specifications:

1121 rice: It is the long-grain rice variety, and the Indian Farmers cultivate this on the land of Himalayan ranges. 

It is recorded for its long grain size in the Limca Book of World Records. This variety is processed in various forms:

  • 1121 Raw Rice
  • 1121 Steam Rice
  • 1121 Sella Rice
  • 1121 Golden Sella Rice

Traditional Rice: Traditional rice variety is the most expensive among all the rice varieties, and it is cost-intensive because Rice needs intensive care. 

It is processed in two forms are as follows:

  • Traditional Raw Rice
  • Traditional Steam Rice

Pusa rice: Pusa rice is a hybrid variety of Rice. It is demanded in many countries because of its unique taste and delectable aroma. 

It is processed in various forms like:

  • Pusa Raw Rice
  • Pusa Steam Rice
  • Pusa Sella Rice
  • Pusa Golden Sella Rice

Sugandha rice: Sugandha rice is the long grain fragrant variety of Rice. It has a natural aroma and taste.

It is processed in various forms:

  • Sugandha Raw Rice 
  • Sugandha Steam Rice
  • Sugandha Sella Rice
  • Sugandha Golden Sella Rice

1401 rice: Basmati rice 1401 is the long-grain variety. It has nutritional benefits and flavor. It is the authentic range of Rice demanded across the borders. 

It is processed in various forms are:

  • 1401 Steam Rice
  • 1401 Sella Rice

1509 rice: 1509 basmati rice is the premium range. This variety has an authentic taste and aroma. 

It is processed in various forms:

  • 1509 Steam Rice
  • 1509 Sella Rice
  • 1509 Golden Sella Rice

How to choose the best quality of basmati rice?

Every rice has its specialty. The various specification in the physical as well chemical properties of the rice are shown like:

Basmati rice has the distinct quality which is best among all the rice varieties.

The basmati rice varieties have variations in natural admixture, purity, broken grain, and various other things. 

But for every variety of Rice, some of the points counted specification of every rice grain. There are various specifications which you are going to get into the basmati rice. 

Additional mixture: The basmati rice is available in the natural admix, and it is 5% of the total quantity which is counted in the additional mixture in the rice variety. 

Average grain length: The average grain length varies, but all the basmati rice is long grain rice. 

Purity: purity is the specification that gives the quality of the product is 95%. 

Moisture: The Rice retains the perfect level of moisture and makes it more authentic. The Rice retains 12.5% of moisture. 

Damage & Discolor: The Rice is damaged or discolored because of the milling process. But the Indian Rice millers are taking care of the rice grain. Only 1% of rice grains are broken, damaged, and discolored. 

Immature grain: Only 1% of the immature grain is in the gross quantity of the packaging. 

How many grain varieties are available in basmati rice?

There are various varieties of basmati rice available. But the basmati rice is present in various grain sizes. 

Long grain rice: The basmati rice is available in the long-grain variety of rice. 1121, Pusa, 1509, 1401 is the variety belonging to the long grain species. 

Medium grain rice: The basmati rice also belongs to the medium-grain length.

Short grain rice: The Italian Arborio Rice belongs to this category. It is short grain rice grown in Italy and demanded over many regions. 

Prime consumer of basmati rice

Many regions are present which cultivate rice. But the rice is imported by various regions like the Middle East, Gulf region, and African countries. 

Various countries import rice in bulk. The countries are:

  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • UAE
  • Yemen
  • Jordan
  • France
  • Italy
  • Algeria
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • USA

The Indian basmati rice exporters are supplying rice across the world.

Major Rice Exporters of Basmati Rice

Various countries export basmati rice. The numerous countries which are best in producing rice are:

· Thailand

· Indonesia

· China

These three countries also produce rice. But, India is the largest rice-producing country worldwide.

Pesticide Free Basmati Rice 

In these times, the rice is cultivated with pesticides to control the pest and bugs which harm the fields. But the pesticide is affecting the human body. 

Tricyclazole fungicide is a harmful chemical that affects the human body. Various countries like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Europe, USA have mandated the consumption of rice as per European standards. 

Varieties of Pesticide Free Rice

Basmati rice has various health benefits. But when it comes to organic rice, the health benefits are multiplied many times. 

Basmati rice exporters are supplying many of the pesticide-free rice varieties.

The range of pesticide-free rice is much healthier than any other commercially grown rice. 

  • 1121 Rice
  • 1509 Rice
  • 1401 Rice
  • Sugandha Rice

These are the basmati rice varieties available in the pesticide-free range. 

Where to Buy the Best Quality Basmati Rice?

SK Exports is one of the reputed basmati rice exporters, and manufacturers supply the rice across the globe. The company is certified by various statutory bodies. 

The quality parameters are up to the mark. Rice is cultivated and checked as per the European norms and Industrial Standards. It serves a complete range of basmati rice. 

The company supplies the Rice to the Middle East, Gulf Countries, and African Countries. 

SK Exports is a trustworthy and certified company and gives the relevant details about the category and range on the website.

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