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Non Basmati Rice

Original Indian Non Basmati Rice Products

We supply wide range of Premium Non-Basmati Rice as per client's requirements.
Rice Varieties : Indian Origin Non-Basmati Rice

In addition to the Basmati Rice, we also manufacture and supply the non-basmati Indian Rice consumed intensely around the world. Indian non-Basmati Rice comes in various shapes and sizes. Some are slender and long, some round while others are short and thick with few bead like in shape.

Some of the Indian non-basmati rice we offer are:

PR11 Sella Non Basmati Rice

AGL - 6.90 MM

PR14 Sella Non Basmati Rice

AGL - 6.90 MM

IR 64/36 Non Basmati Rice

AGL - 8.40 MM

Sharbati Non Basmati Rice

AGL - 7.10 MM

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