Difference Between Brown Rice and White Rice

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There is always a fight between brown rice vs. white rice. Here is a quick analysis of the difference between brown rice and white rice in this article.

The consumer should decide by themselves that they would prefer taste or nutrition. 

Brown rice is the best among all the varieties of rice in terms of nutritional facts. However, white rice is also included in many of the varieties. 

Rice is the multipurpose crop that has a unique taste and nutritional value. 

Whether it is grown in India or China, or any other region of rice. The rice nutrition facts are spread all around the world.

More than 7000 varieties of rice are used to cultivate around the world. However, white rice is the most common type of rice consumed everywhere. 

Difference Between Brown Rice vs White Rice

There is a huge difference between brown and white rice. The brown rice has the outer layer of the husk on the rice grain. 

Brown rice is whole grain rice that contains all the portion of the grain. It includes the fibre outer layer of the grain. It contains carbs and is rich in the endosperm.

It is more nutritious and stringy to eat. The rice is the best for the weight watcher and contains many vitamins and minerals to fulfil the daily portion of the diet. 

White rice is perfectly milled and free from the husk. The rice grain is free from bran, and the germ will be removed. It is easy to cook and makes it more perfect after cooking. 

It is rich in saturated fat and non-gluten on the surface. The rice grain has the perfect length after cooking. The texture of the white rice is pointy on edge.

Brown Rice vs White Rice Calories

Calories are easily defined by the level of energy provided by the consumption of rice. Brown rice is rich in calories in comparison to white rice. 

Both rice are rich in carbohydrates. It also contains protein and magnesium.

The calories of the brown rice are 82, and white rice are 68 as the brown rice is good for weight loss. It also contains protein in high amounts. 

The protein works as the fat burner and makes the rice more popular. It is the healthier choice as it is full of nutrients and vitamins. 

Brown rice is the best for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight balance blood fat level. 

Brown Rice or White Rice for weight loss

If you are thinking of weight loss, brown rice is the favourable choice. This is because it contains fibre in high amounts. The food which is rich in fibre is the best to be the weight watcher. 

White rice is rich in fibre but less than brown rice. In comparison with white rice, brown rice is rough in taste and has a healthier choice. 

At the same time, the white rice is rich in taste and saturated fat. Brown rice is much beneficial option which you can accommodate with your weight. 

Reasons to choose brown rice as a weight watcher are as follows:

  • Maintain your blood pressure
  • Make your fat more saturated
  • Contain vitamins and minerals
  • Lower the level of blood sugar
  • Reduce the cholesterol
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Keep you full for a longer period
  • Reasonable in prices
  • Healthy food with selenium

Cooking Time

Brown rice is harder than white rice as the white rice is fluffier after cooking. 

The brown rice has the outer layer of bran, which is not easily cooked. 

The white rice takes less time to cook, but brown rice takes much more time. 

The white rice is completely milled and remove the bran layer completely. The white rice is rich in taste, but brown rice is nuttier than the white rice. 

Most of the brown rice is labelled with boiling time. The brown rice needs to be cooked in 35 minutes, after that. You can keep it on rest for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Then after you can enjoy the tender rice lightly, perfect for cooking. 

Brown Rice Benefits

Brown rice is nuttier in taste and available in the raw state with an outer layer of bran.

There are various brown rice benefits are as follows:

  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Maintain healthy heart 
  • Control blood pressure
  • Rich in iron
  • Contain essential minerals and vitamins
  • Best weight watcher 
  • Contain starch

White Rice Benefits

There are various health benefits which give the health benefit in taste. White rice is the combination of taste and nutrition in one combo. 

Various rice benefits are available, but white rice is less healthy than brown rice in nutrition.

There are various health benefits like:

  • Maintain the blood sugar level
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Maintain blood sugar
  • Rich in calcium
  • Rich in fibre
  • Contain saturated fat

Nutritional Benefits

Brown rice vs white rice is continuing with the nutritional facts and values. So you can keep on checking what kind of food you consume. 

Brown rice is rich in reducing the risk of heart disease. But white rice also cures the individual of heart disease but less in comparison of brown rice as it contains fibre more. 

White rice is rich in antioxidants, and brown rice is richer in antioxidants. Brown rice is rich in consumption and makes the rice healthier than white rice.

Brown rice eases the flow of blood sugar and maintains the level of sugar completely. On the other hand, white rice is rich in controlling the sugar flow in the bloodstream but less than brown rice. 

White rice contains carbs and gives the energy for daily routine. On the other hand, Brown rice is rich in carbs and is a good source of energy for physical activities like gyming. 

Fibre is the source that maintains your weight. The brown rice is rich in fibre as it is the best in terms of weight watcher. On the other hand, white rice is rich in fibre because brown rice contains much more fibre. 

Brown rice is lowered your cholesterol level and makes you feel light after eating. White rice also maintains your cholesterol level but not lighter as it contains saturated fat. 

Both the rice contains vitamin B, B6 magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. But brown rice contains more in terms of white rice. The smaller portion of brown rice fulfils all the needs of the daily meal. 

Nutritional Values

Here is the nutritional values which give you a clear sum up about brown rice calories and white rice calories with nutrients and minerals percentage:

Energy82 calories68 calories
Total lipid(fat)0.640.14g
Sodium3.1 g1.1g
Fatty acid saturated0.18g0.05g
Fatty acid unsaturated0g0g

Is brown Rice Better than White Rice?

As the details mentioned above, brown rice is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. The brown rice is not rich in taste and texture as per the white rice. The white rice is fluffier after cooking.

Brown rice is rich in many nutrients and minerals to complete the portion of the daily meal. Its chemical properties make the rice healthier to consume daily. 


The characteristics of the rice are based on the texture, flavour and fragrance. Both are different because of the outer layer of the rice bran. 

Texture: White rice is rich in texture. It is fluffy and lightweight. The white rice is rich in texture as it is smooth and has firm inconsistency. Brown rice is rich in nutrients. It has a nuttier taste than white rice. 

Flavour: White rice includes basmati rice in its variety. The flavours are authentic and aromatic. The brown rice is rich in nutrients and minerals as it has a delectable taste. 

Fragrance: The basmati rice is known as the queen of fragrance. It is included as the variety of white rice. The fragrance of brown rice is raw. The brown rice is good in taste and has the hard texture. 

Aroma: Basmati rice is the best and has the authentic aroma. White rice is much fluffier than any other rice variety. So it has a delectable aroma. Brown rice is rich in minerals and antioxidants but less aromatic than white rice or basmati rice. 

Sticky: The variety of white rice is non-gluten; on the other hand, brown rice is non-sticky as it has the outer bran layer. 

Average grain length: The average grain length of the rice is twice after cooking the white rice. But brown rice is rigid than white rice after cooking. Therefore, it increases from half of the size of its actual grain length. 

Which Rice is Best in Taste and Flavour?

As per the details mentioned, the white rice is rich in taste and flavour as many varieties have taste and aroma. 

Basmati rice is one of the best varieties of white rice, having the fluffy texture after cooking. However, it has a long-grain length and twice after cooking.

Thai jasmine rice is the variety of rice that is best in terms of fragrance. This is the most fragrant variety of rice. It has an authentic fragrance in raw as well as the cooked state. 

Italian Arborio rice is medium, and short-grain rice is one of the premium varieties. It has a naturally sweet taste and is authentic in flavour. 

What is the Size of the Grain?

According to the basmati rice exporters, this rice is available in many the size grain. The grain length is making the rice more demanding. 

Various varieties of rice is identified because of its grain length. It is derived that in many countries the rice is rising in demand due to its grain length.

The grain length are divide into three parts:

Long grain: long-grain variety is the premium variety that is expanded after cooking. Like 1121 rice, 1509 rice, 1401 rice, etc., the white rice has long grains. Brown rice is also available in a long-grain variety. 

Medium grain: brown rice is offered in medium grain. The non-basmati rice and Thai jasmine are available in medium grain. 

Short grain: The non-basmati rice is the variety that is available in many of the rice varieties. This is the rice variety that is available in broken grains. In addition, Brown rice is offered in short-grain rice varieties. 

As per your preference, you can go with any of the rice.

If you want health, you can go for brown rice and gain more nutritional benefits in fewer portions.

White rice is authentic in fragrance, and its flavor enhances your taste bud. The basmati rice is rich in taste and flavor. 

So as per your choice, you can go with taste or nutrition choice is yours.

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