Are Hindus Don’t Eat Rice On The Day Of Ekadashi

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Rice is the foremost and very prominent grain across the world. People consume Indian basmati rice and non-basmati rice on a daily basis. But is it true that Hindus don’t eat rice on the day of Ekadashi?

To know about this fact, we need to learn what Ekadashi is. Generally, Ekadashi means eleventh. The day represents the eleventh day in the Lunar Calendar.  Now, the Lunar calendar is basically associated with Lord Vishnu in Hindu traditions. 

Lord Vishnu is one of the gods from Trimurti and is considerably known as the Preserver among the three. On Ekadashi, many people worship Lord Vishnu and also do fasting. 

Are Hindus Don’t Eat Rice On The Day Of Ekadashi:

In simple words, the answer is no. But there are few people that do not follow the traditions. And, as per the mythology, those people are known as sinners. However, there are scientific facts also which suggest avoiding rice on this day.

The century in which we live is kaliyuga and it is dominated by demonic traits that are: greed, destruction, hatred, violence, etc. To prosper, it may be important to follow certain rituals. 

According to scientific proof, avoiding eating rice on the day of Ekadashi helps the human body to function well. Fasting is a good source to keep the body healthy and detoxified.

Reason Of Fasting On Ekadashi:

It is widely acclaimed that the Hindu religion does have significance to science and technology. Any ritual that is performed under the recognition of Hindu tradition, is definitely found scientifically.

The same thing is with fasting on Ekadashi, it also has some facts. The very first thing is that fasting ultimately detoxifies your body. Fasting after ten days in every month helps in improving your body system. Especially it keeps the digestion in a good condition.

Second important factor is the geographical phenomena. As we all are aware of the fact that the moon caused rise and fall in the seawater. This happens due to the gravitational force that causes high tides. And, on Ekadashi moon pulls greater force.

Scientific Fact To Avoid Basmati Rice On Ekadashi:

If rice is consumed on Ekadashi, the water in grains may affect the force of gravity of the moon. This directly affects their digestive system. Basmati rice retains more water, thus to avoid the digestive disorder, restrict rice on Ekadashi.

Scientifically proven, that consuming rice on the day of Ekadashi, causes troubles to your body system. The reason behind trouble is the position of the moon. It impacts all water related things on the earth, and does influence the fluid inside the human body.

Mythological Reason:

There are also many stories or maybe mythological facts that instruct us to restrict rice on the day of Ekadashi. 

One story says that Lord Mahadev keeps a strict fast on Ekadashi. And, anyone who dares to eat rice would be found as a sinner.

Broken rice serves as a meal to guests or visitors to the Ashramas. Because the broken rice or non-basmati rice is symbolic of breaking demons inside. But still, it is preferred to avoid.

Also, mythology suggests that humans in Kalyug are incapable of performing austerity and are lusty. They are totally dependent on food grains and unable to survive without it. Therefore, fasting on Ekadashi is suggestable to avoid physical distress and keep the body healthy.

Mythological Story Behind Ekadashi Fasting:

There is a story behind this tradition. Once a legend, Lord Brahma who is known as the creator of the earth. During the Tapasya, a drop of his sweat fell and turned into a demon. That demon grew very quickly and asked for permanent shelter from Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma was worried that if demons became more strong he would destroy the world by using his demonic powers. To save the world, Brahma actually blessed the demon to dwell in rice grains permanently which people would consume on the day of Ekadashi.

Therefore, if anyone would consume rice on Ekadashi, the demon would grow and create devastation in the human body. 

However, this may be a spreaded story and might have no relevant significance. But people follow the traditions with all their heart. They pay respects to God and worship the Lord Vishnu on this day. 

Benefits Of Fasting On Ekadashi:

Avoiding Basmati rice results in many benefits to the body. So, if some do not believe in mythological facts then must listen to the scientifically proven facts. 

Some key beneficial elements:

  • It has psychological significance that Ekadashi fasting releases positive energy and provides peace of mind. 
  • And, the human body gets automatic detoxification of mind, soul and body as well.
  • Many people do social service and donate things. This action results in satisfaction to the heart and encourages people to do more good deeds.
  • Worshiping Lord Vishnu, helps in attaining peace, success etc. Praying to God actually helps in keeping our mind positive and impactful.
  • It purifies the body and is very useful with antioxidant antiaging. Also, scientifically proved that fasting produced hormonal changes.

Moreover, each and every fast which is in our tradition, helps in obtaining a sense of calmness. Also, there are various benefits as stated above. Fasting even helps in good digestion. Old people always suggest fasting once a week in order to help the body to function well. 


To conclude, it is more often clear that whether in science or Hindu tradition, some rituals are necessary to perform. Although, eating basmati rice daily consists of various benefits. 

Rice is the staple food in many countries, people hardly avoid it in the name of tradition. But, India is famous for following traditions and respecting them. They follow all rituals and cultural traditions all the way and restricting eating rice on the day of ekadashi is one of them.

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